Escape from Tarkov Customs Map: Extraction Points, Best Loot Spots, Boss Guide (2024)

Escape from Tarkov's map Customs offers a unique experience, think you've got what it takes?

The original slaughter grounds of Escape from Tarkov, where the high-level players come to reap the rewards from the fallen and the scared players reside in the shadows taking all that remains. Customs, land of the free, home of the brave and those that want to test out their abilities in the playing grounds of Tarkov. Here, you will find players from all walks of life, loot from all ranges of categories and scav bosses with golden guns. Most importantly, Customs offers a diverse plethora of locations and interactive opportunities that every player must experience.

This map contains between 9-12 players and a whole load of scavs that definitely want to unload their double-barrels into your skull. Despite most players having experience within this map, there is plenty of knowledge yet to be obtained. Typically, players enter a Customs raid in search of combat and quick thrills; Customs has so much more to offer the players of Tarkov, such as high value-loot, adventures and experiences no other map can provide. Within this guide, we plan to explain the loot, scav boss, weapons, and strategies you want to utilize in Customs.

Table of Contents

  • Who Is the Scav Boss on Customs? Reshala, Aka Dealmaker
  • Customs Map Best Loot Locations and Keys
  • Customs Map Extraction Points
  • Customs Map - Danger Close and Weapons

Who Is the Scav Boss on Customs? Reshala, Aka Dealmaker

Customs is incomplete without its ruthless counterpart, Reshala and his armed guards. Reshala, as seen, wears a leather jacket, and grey trousers and is sometimes seen wearing aviators. He’s quite the character, being incredibly vocal and territorial, Reshala and his guards will often promptly announce their presence by launching countless grenades in whatever direction the wind blows. Once spotted by the guards or Reshala, you will be shot at with tracer rounds, and you have between two-three seconds to find cover before they kill you. Scav bosses and their guards once they spot you typically shoot at you, miss, then kill you - the developers set this up to allow the player to understand the bosses have been activated (provided you're not at point-blank range).

Coming in at a 32% spawn chance, Reshala and his guards will often spawn at the new gas station, located along the main road running through the Customs map. Additionally, Reshala and his goons can also spawn within the dorms’ region, being within either of the dorm’s buildings or the yard between them. Beware, once Reshala and the guards spot players, they are known to wander off into further locations, such as around the new gas station hills or near the forests around dorms.

What loot can you expect from Reshala and his guards:

  • Weapons: Various AK models | MDR | MP5 | SAIGA | Golden TT | VPO-209 | ADAR
  • Attachments: Silencers | Advanced ammo: BP/M995/AP-M | 60-Round Mags | Scopes
  • Miscellaneous: Bitcoins | GP Coin | Roubles/Dollars | Lighters

To kill Reshala and his guards, you should keep yourself covered and ensure you have space to move around due to the level of grenades they use. Try to hunt them one at a time, hoping the guards or Reshala separate themselves from the flock and tap them with a headshot. Often, they will be quick on the trigger and retain little mercy, therefore killing Reshala never comes easy. Take advantage of your surroundings, there are plenty of abandoned cars, shipment containers and walls to hide behind, additionally, there are a bridge and hills that overlook the gas station.

Customs Map Best Loot Locations and Keys

Taught by the infamous Tarkov loot scavenger known as “p90smg2000”, aka Anton, the loot within Customs is flawless. Regardless of what people may say, you can profit upwards of 400k roubles per run with ease if you follow the correct procedures. Below, you will see a series of locations with rooms that need keys to access the loot. These keys can be purchased at the flea market at varying prices.

Dorm room 110 KeyDorm room 110 - two-story₽15,000
Dorm room 105 KeyDorm room 105 - two-story₽20,000
Dorm room 104 KeyDorm room 104 - two-story₽10,000
Dorm room 220 KeyDorm room 220 - three-story₽17,500
Dorm room 114 KeyDorm room 114 - two-story₽150,000
Dorm-marked room keyMarked room 314 - three-story


Tarcone directors office KeyCustoms warehouse (red)


Gas station office keyNew gas station office


Each of these locations offers a series of unique and priceless items you can sell at the flea market (Tarkov-like Ebay; level 15 to unlock) to merchants for a good price. Allowing you to find all the best miscellaneous items in a singular raid just by obtaining a couple of hundred-thousand worth of keys. For perspective, one or two full successful loot runs with these keys will reimburse the cost of the keys.

Moving past key locations, there are several locations around the map that offer great item spawns that'll help fund your eventful Tarkov journey. The locations that offer the best loot are as follows:

  • Medical - AKA "crack den" - stimulants, medical supplies, documents, intelligence
  • Fortress - weapon parts, streamer items, lions, BTCs, GP coins, Golden chains
  • Smokestack - PC parts, miscellaneous items
  • Container building - PC parts, tools
  • Old gas station - rare part spawn on gas station desk and cylinder block behind the station

Customs Map Extraction Points

The PMC extracts are highlighted on the map with a green letter: (click here for a larger image)

  • ZB-1011 (near factory far corner)
  • ZB-1012 (near storage building - will only extract if bunker light is on)
  • Old Gas Station (Will only extract if green smoke appears)
  • ZB-1013 (Underground Fortress - turn on the power in WAREHOUSE 4 and use Factory Key)
  • Smugglers Boat (Follow the river across near sniper roadblock, make sure campfire is lit)
  • Crossroads (Near storage)
  • Trailerpark (Near storage, opposite crossroads)
  • Dorms V-exit (located at dorms outskirts - black vehicle at gate - costs 5000 roubles to use)
  • RUAF Roadblock (located by the river, north side on map - listed "U")

Each extract offers its own vibe and feeling, some obviously being better than others. Personal recommendations: Old Gas Station, Smugglers Boat, ZB-1012, RUAD Roadblock.

For any other extracts, please operate with extreme caution - crossroads or ZB-1011 will be the definite open extracts for each raid, but if you can improvise and exit through the above recommendations, please do!

Customs Map - Danger Close and Weapons

Unlike the dangerous setting Factory portrays, Customs is similar to a city - you know when you can leave your possessions unattended without them being stolen. In this case, you need to know locations you will and won't get shot, blown up or impaled by a player's will to destroy you. Of course, you are at constant risk of unwanted encounters, but some areas are lower traffic.

Here are the following locations that are lower traffic (beware of scavs):

  • Shipping yard - warehouse 4/storage building/container building
  • Old gas station
  • Storage - trailer park/parking
  • Checkpoint woods - scav checkpoint, military base checkpoint

Although this list seems extended, it's not. Customs is most likely the most popular map and average players tend to obtain an extended understanding of the map. For all the other locations, keep your chin up and the strap on sight - it's going to be an exciting raid.

Here are the dangerous locations that receive frequent attention:

  • Dorms - the entire forest surrounding it and the bus terminal
  • Construction site
  • Customs office and train yard
  • Gas station
  • Fortress - medical (crack den) and everything around the customs extension

In terms of weapons, the world is your oyster, you have the ability to be free within the map of Customs, hence why it is incredibly popular. My personal recommendation would be something silenced, the ability to engage targets close to medium range and grenades. Within this map, your enemies will most likely be representing all the weapon categories, therefore my general advice would be; don't get caught with your pants down.

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Escape from Tarkov Customs Map: Extraction Points, Best Loot Spots, Boss Guide (2024)


Where to exfil on customs Tarkov? ›

Customs map extraction points
  • Crossroads.
  • Trailer Park.
  • ZB 1011.
  • Dorms V Ex.
  • Smuggler's Boat.
  • RUAF Roadblock.
  • ZB 1012.
  • Old Gas Station.
Mar 11, 2020

What is the best map to run stashes Tarkov? ›

Shoreline is a great map for hidden stash looting as it will have at least 37 spawns. Most players won't know about these caches and you could simply collect them and get out without running into any other players. There are multiple routes you can take depending on where you spawn, west or east of the river.

What is the best map to farm money in Tarkov? ›

Best Locations to Farm Money in Escape from Tarkov. The best locations at the moment are the Lighthouse and Streets of Tarkov. On them you will find a lot of useful loot to sell at flea market or to vendors.

Which Tarkov map has the most loot? ›

Lighthouse is a huge map on the seafront, boasting luxury villas, chalets, and some of the toughest enemies in Tarkov. It's one of the best Tarkov maps for loot runs because of some of these enemies, though – so it's worth the fight. It features a lot of mid-game tasks, so you'll need to go there often.

What boss spawns on customs? ›

ReshalaAt the dorms area At the new gas station At the Scav base (ZB-013 extraction)
KnightAt the Scav base (ZB-013 extraction)
Big PipeAt the Scav base (ZB-013 extraction)
BirdeyeAt the Scav base (ZB-013 extraction)
1 more row

Where are the most Scavs on customs? ›

If you need to complete quests about killing Scavs, there are some easy spots here: around the Big Red building, on the Old Gas Station, and also on the new one (when Reshala isn't around, mind you).

What is the best key for customs Tarkov? ›

The best keys to take into customs with you are:
  • Three story dorms: Marked Key, Room 214, Room 204. ...
  • Two story dorms: Room 105, Room 110, Room 114, Guard Desk Key.
  • Other keys: Factory Exit Key, the key to the gas station storage room, Cabinet Key, Customs Office Key, Military Base Checkpoint Key.
Oct 21, 2020

Does reshala spawn on customs? ›

Reshala can be found on the Customs location: At the dorms area, either in one of the dorms or in the yard between them.

Which Tarkov map is the hardest? ›

The Lab is pound for pound, the toughest map in Escape From Tarkov. It's difficult to even get into, requiring a keycard that'll give a player access just once - and then they'll need to track down or purchase another keycard.

How important is stash size in Tarkov? ›

Of course stash space is a valuable tool in Tarkov, allowing you to store more of the loot that you find while playing for future use, and upgrades are hard to come by unless you have already purchased a premium edition of Tarkov that automatically grants you a full stash at the start of a wipe.

Which map should I learn Tarkov? ›

cuckstoms is a good starter map, just avoid the dorms for now. Woods is also pretty good but it takes a while to figure out where you are as a new player and has mines. Reserve is good for scav runs, interchange is great for loot.

Where is the best place to loot on Woods Tarkov? ›

Loot Locations
  • Multiple civilian houses containing rare item spawns like gold chains, corrugated hoses, military cables, and more.
  • Med/ration supply crates and oil barrels behind houses.
  • Two easy to access weapons crates.

Where to loot in Tarkov? ›

While in a Raid, you can pick up items from the floor, from objects like tables, inspect jumpers, desks, med cases, and bags, and you can also check other players' (or bots') corpses. Simply aim close to them until the option appears and press F. They'll be saved in a free space in your in-game inventory.

What is the easiest map to loot in Tarkov? ›

Woods is another early-game map that players will find themselves exploring at the start of their adventure. It's one of the biggest maps in Escape From Tarkov, boasting wide, open fields, forests, and some key points of interest that offer great opportunities for looting and shooting.

Where is the best place to aim in Tarkov? ›

Learning to aim at the head is one of the best things to do, you'd be dropping enemies really quickly and a lot of ammo becomes viable.

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