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2051 N Bechtle Ave - Ste 130,


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Phone+1 937-399-8000
Fax +1 937-399-8160



Services and Products

  • Contact Lens Fitting
  • Contact Lenses
  • Routine Eye Exams
  • Eyeglasses and Frames
  • General Optometry
  • Multifocal Contact Lens Fitting

Licenses and Certifications

1770983736 (National NPI)

4122 (Ohio)

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Eye Mart - a quality provider of vision care and optometry services in Springfield, OH. Services include Eye Exams, General Optometry, Eyeglasses and Frames and other vision care products & services. Vision care technologies and procedures advance every day and Eye Mart follows the most up-to-date procedures, offering effective eye exams, diagnoses, treatments, and vision correction alternatives.

At Eye Mart, patients have many options in finding the right type of contact lens for their vision correction needs. You can choose from daily or monthly disposable lenses, contacts for astigmatism, multifocal lenses, colored lenses, and much more. After a comprehensive evaluation of your eye, Eye Mart can recommend the contact lenses that are best for you including lenses from CooperVision, Bausch + Lomb and other manufacturers.

Located at 2051 N Bechtle Ave - Ste 130, Eye Mart can be reached at +1 937-399-8000.

And if you would like to stay even more connected, Eye Mart can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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09:00 AM- 07:00 PM


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Contact Lens Brands



Acuvue, one of the most renowned brands in contact lenses, has been at the forefront of the industry, consistently pushing the boundaries of vision correction and comfort. With a global presence and millions of satisfied customers, Acuvue contact lenses are trusted and recognized worldwide.

The Acuvue product lines include the popular Acuvue Oasys lenses, known for their exceptional comfort and ability to retain moisture throughout the day. These lenses utilize advanced technologies like Hydraclear and TearStable to ensure long-lasting hydration and a comfortable wearing experience.

Recognizing the importance of eye health, Acuvue products were among the first to feature UV protection. All Acuvue contact lenses offer high levels of UVB and UVA blocking, providing an extra layer of protection against harmful sun rays and supporting long-term eye health.

Innovation lies at the heart of Johnson & Johnson Vision, exemplified by Acuvue Oasys with Transitions, the world's first contact lenses with auto-darkening capabilities (called Light Intelligent Technology). They adjust to different light conditions, reducing glare and filtering harmful blue light, enhancing visual comfort and protection.

For a comprehensive list of Acuvue products, you can visit the Optix-now Acuvue products page.

With a diverse range of product families (Acuvue Oasys, Acuvue Vita, Acuvue Moist) catering to various vision needs, including astigmatism correction and multifocal options, Johnson & Johnson Vision ensures that patients have reliable solutions that meet their specific requirements.


Bausch + Lomb

Bausch & Lomb, a global leader in eye health, has a remarkable history spanning over 165 years. Their product lines, including Bausch + Lomb INFUSE, BioTrue ONEday, ULTRA, and PureVision2, offer a wide range of contact lenses to suit diverse needs. B&L offers several notable innovations, such as MoistureSeal and ProBalance, which provide long-lasting moisture, reduced dryness, and outstanding comfort throughout the day. The ProBalance Technology combines carefully balanced surface ingredients to improve contact lens comfort, reduce dryness caused by lens wear, and support ocular surface homeostasis.

Furthermore, utilizes advanced aspheric optics in many of their contact lens products. This technology effectively reduces visual aberrations and halos while enhancing clarity, providing wearers with sharper and more precise vision.



CooperVision is a leading provider of contact lenses, offering a diverse range of soft contact lenses to meet the individual needs of every wearer. Committed to advancing eye care with innovative technologies such as Digital Zone Optics and AquaForm, CooperVision has emerged as a prominent leader in the field, catering to the diverse needs of contact lens wearers.

Among their renowned product families are the MyDay family, featuring high-performing 1-day contact lenses for various vision correction needs, the clariti 1 day family offering affordable 1-day lenses with breathability and UV protection, MiSight 1 day, the first lens FDA-approved to slow childhood nearsightedness, Biofinity, providing monthly replacement lenses with comfort and visual performance, and Avaira Vitality, a cost-effective family of 2-week replacement lenses with UV protection.

For a comprehensive list of CooperVision contact lens products, check out the CooperVision contact lenses page on Optix-now.

Contact Lens Brands

  • Bausch+Lomb Soflens

  • Bausch+Lomb ULTRA

  • Bausch+Lomb Biotrue

  • Bausch+Lomb PureVision

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Eye Mart

+1 937-399-8000

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Eye Mart in Springfield - Optometrist & Eye Doctor | Optix-now (2024)


Does Eyemart Express make glasses in an hour? ›

About Eyemart Express

National optical retailer Eyemart Express is known for helping people see clearly faster with affordable glasses and free same-day service—over 80% of glasses are finished in one hour.

Does Eyemart Express have transition lenses? ›

Eyemart Express has custom sunglasses or transition lenses to adapt to your lifestyle. Sunny days are no match for prescription sunglasses!

Does LensCrafters still make glasses in one hour? ›

LensCrafters' commitment since 1983 remains unwavering: quality-crafted glasses in about an hour. Nearly 900 stores across the USA, Puerto Rico, and Canada possess in-store laboratories to deliver prompt, exceptional eyewear solutions without compromise.

How long is an eye prescription good for? ›

Eyeglass prescriptions normally have a maximum of two years' validity. But if your eyesight worsens faster than normal, you will have a shorter expiry period. When this is the case, eyeglass prescriptions will last only a year. On the other hand, contact lens prescriptions all have a one-year expiry date.

Why is Eyemart Express so cheap? ›

Eyemart Express will custom-make your glasses in one of its six ultra-modern optical labs, using top quality lens and frame materials, which the company constantly seeks to upgrade. Because of Eyemart Express's buying power and operating efficiency, you receive top-quality glasses at an everyday low price.

How much are progressive lenses at Eyemart Express? ›

Eyemart Express wants to let customers know about its value pricing on two pairs of glasses. The business says it's selling two pairs single vision lenses starting at $39.95 and two pairs of progressive lenses at $79.95, and has over 2000 different frame options to choose from.

Where is the cheapest place to get an eye exam? ›

Target and Walmart: If you'd rather not get a membership to Costco or Sam's Club, you can still get cheap eye exams while you shop at Target or Walmart. Eye exams at these major retailers also fall in the $50 to $100 range.

Why are glasses so expensive even with insurance? ›

Retail Markup

If you buy from a brick-and-mortar optical retailer, the price may include additional expenses for rent, utilities, employee salaries, and more. When you combine these markups with brand premiums and marketing expenses, you can get a pretty expensive pair of glasses.

How fast can I get glasses with a prescription? ›

After your eye exam and when you place your order will determine the time, but it usually takes around 7 to 10 business days to receive new prescription eyeglasses. However, shorter and even same-day delivery times may be available (especially with expedited shipping).

Can I get a new pair of glasses with an old prescription? ›

Unfortunately, you won't be able to get a prescription filled without a new exam if your prescription has expired. It is actually illegal for someone to fill an expired glasses prescription. Even if you think your vision hasn't changed, you still need to get a new exam before you get new glasses.

Is it OK to wear old prescription glasses? ›

Wearing glasses with an expired prescription won't directly harm your eyes, but it can lead to some uncomfortable vision problems. Old glasses may have scratched lenses, which can make it hard to read. Additionally, the frames may get bent out of shape so that the glasses no longer fit comfortably.

How do I know if my eye prescription is good or bad? ›

Positive numbers on an eye prescription indicate they are correcting farsightedness, while negative numbers correct shortsightedness. A larger number suggests a stronger prescription.

How long does Eyemart take to make glasses? ›

Because our glasses are made in-store, they're usually ready with same-day speed. Some prescriptions and specialty items require a special order which can take up to 7-14 business days.

Can glasses be made in an hour? ›

Whether the opticians' offices and eyewear merchants have their own optical labs. If so, oftentimes they can create eyeglass lenses in about an hour.

How quickly can I get glasses made? ›

Ordinarily your prescription glasses should take 5 – 7 business days to be ready for dispatch or collection, however, this can be dependent on your prescription, frame and lens choice.

Can prescription glasses be made in one day? ›

Yes, it's possible to get an eye exam and prescription glasses on the same day. But unless it's an emergency, you might want to wait a few days and get the best eyeglasses for your needs. Not all glasses are available in “an hour” or on the same day as your eye exam.

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