Madden 23 ratings with the top five players at every position (2024)

Madden 23 ratings with the top five players at every position (1)

Madden 23 ratings are under the microscope with the new NFL season underway. Live updates mean they'll change throughout the campaign, but Madden 23's launch saw Tom Brady spearhead the QB pack, while 99 ratings were awarded to Davante Adams, Trent Williams, Aaron Donald, and Myles Garrett. But who else shines this year? Below you’ll uncover the top five players at every position, in GR's Madden 23 ratings guide.

Tom Brady heads up the best Madden 23 quarterbacks

Madden 23 ratings with the top five players at every position (2)

  • 1 Tom Brady (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) 97
  • 2 Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers) 96
  • 3 Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs) 95
  • 4 Josh Allen (Buffalo Bills) 92
  • 5 Joe Burrow (Cincinatti Bengals) 90

After losing top spot to Mahomes last year, Brady returns to top spot at the grand young age of 45. However, Denver Broncos signal-caller Russell Wilson disappears from the elite list altogether. His rating is down from 94 to 87. Despite his Super Bowl win, Matthew Stafford sits in 10th, with an OVR of 85.

The best Madden 23 RB is Derrick Henry

Madden 23 ratings with the top five players at every position (3)

  • 1 Derrick Henry (Tennessee Titans) 97
  • 2= Christian McCaffrey (Carolina Panthers) 96
  • 2= Nick Chubb (Cleveland Browns) 96
  • 4 Jonathan Taylor (Indianapolis Colts) 95
  • 5 Dalvin Cook (Minnesota Vikings)

Henry finally ploughs through to first place on the running backs list, switching places with last-year’s top guy McCaffrey. Chubb is in the identical spot to Madden 22, and with an identical rating, too. The top-rated full-back is 49ers machine Kyle Juszczyk, on 87.

New homes for two of the top Madden 23 WRs

Madden 23 ratings with the top five players at every position (4)

  • 1 Davante Adams (Las Vages Raiders) 99
  • 2 Cooper Kupp (Los Angeles Rams) 98
  • 3 Tyreek Hill (Miami Dolphins) 97
  • 4 DeAndre Hopkins (Arizona Cardinals) 96
  • 5 Stefon Diggs (Buffalo Bills) 95

Kupp didn’t even make the top five 12 months ago, but thunders to second after being named Super Bowl MVP. It’s not enough to dethrone Adams, however. The Raiders’ new top wideout isn’t the only man headed somewhere new this season: Hill starts a new era in South Florida following his shock switch from Kansas City.

No more Gronk on the Madden 23 best TEs list

Madden 23 ratings with the top five players at every position (5)

  • 1 Travis Kelce (Kansas City Chiefs) 98
  • 2 George Kittle (San Francisco 49ers) 97
  • 3 Mark Andrews (Baltimore Ravens) 93
  • 4 Darren Waller (Oakland Raiders) 91
  • 5 TJ Hockenson (Detroit Lions) 89

Rob Gronkowski’s retirement has less impact than you’d expect. Perhaps surprisingly, the Patriots legend didn’t appear here last season either. It was Kelce who triumphed then, as he does now – even if his spot in the 99 Club has been temporarily suspended.

Trent Williams fronts Madden 23’s top offensive linemen

Madden 23 ratings with the top five players at every position (6)

  • 1 Trent Williams (LT, San Francisco) 99
  • 2 Zack Martin (RG, Dallas Cowboys) 98
  • 3= Quenton Nelson (LG, Indianapolis Colts) 95
  • 3= Tyron Smith (LT, Dallas Cowboys) 95
  • 5 David Bakhtiari (LT, Green Bay Packers) 94

Watched The Blind Side? Then you know left tackle is the most important part of the O-line, so it’s natural that players in that position dominate this list. Madden 23’s best center is Corey Linsday (San Diego Chargers, 91), while its top right tackle is Lane Johnson (Philadelphia Eagles, 92).

Two D-linemen make the Madden 23 99 Club

Madden 23 ratings with the top five players at every position (7)

  • 1 Aaron Donald (RE, Los Angeles Rams) 99
  • 1= Myles Garrett (RE, Cleveland Browns) 99
  • 3 Nick Bosa (RE, San Francisco 49ers) 94
  • 4 Cameron Heyward (RE, Pittsburgh Steelers) 93
  • 5 Vita Vea (DT, Tampa Bay Buccaneers) 93

Donald was ridiculous on a weekly basis in 2021-22, again cementing his status as the best defensive player in the game. After claiming Super Bowl honours, another 99 rating was a no-brainer. The top-rated LE is New Orleans Saints’ Cameron Jordan, with an overall score of 91.

TJ Watt dominates the Madden 23 best linebackers list

Madden 23 ratings with the top five players at every position (8)

  • 1 TJ Watt (LOLB, Pittsburgh Steelers) 96
  • 2 Fred Warner (MLB, San Francisco 49ers) 94
  • 3 Demario Davis (MLB, New Orleans Saints) 93
  • 4 Khalil Mack (ROLB, Los Angeles Chargers) 92
  • 5 Lavonte David (MLB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers) 92

This year’s linebacker corps is so strong that Bobby Wagner (MLB, Los Angeles Rams) and Joey Bosa (LOLB, Los Angeles Chargers) both sensationally miss out. They’re both rated 91. Watt blitzing his way to top spot sees Mack fall from number one, to number four.

Madden 23 CB rankings put Jalen Ramsey on top

Madden 23 ratings with the top five players at every position (9)

  • 1 Jalen Ramsey (Los Angeles Rams) 98
  • 2 Jaire Alexander (Green Bay Packers) 94
  • 3 Tre’davious White (Buffalo Bills) 93
  • 4= Darius Slay Jr (Philadelphia Eagles) 92
  • 4= Denzel Ward (Cleveland Browns) 92

Like Chiefs tight-end Kelce, Ramsey is exiled from the 99 Club to start the season – although his deserved 98 OVR is still enough to maintain his place on the throne. Stephen Gilmore ran him a close second in Madden 22, but drops out of the fab five altogether following his move to Indianapolis.

Micah Hyde sneaks onto best Madden 22 safeties list

Madden 23 ratings with the top five players at every position (10)

  • 1 Tyrann Mathieu (SS, New Orleans Saints) 94
  • 2 Derwin James Jr (SS, Los Angeles Chargers) 93
  • 3= Budda Baker (SS, Arizona Cardinals) 92
  • 3= Kevin Byard (FS, Tennessee Titans) 92
  • 5= Justin Simmons (FS, Denver Broncos) 91
  • 5= Micah Hyde (FS, Buffalo Bills) 91

Hyde returns to the elite list ahead of his tenth NFL season, matching Broncos tackle machine Simmons stride for stride. Above them, Mathieu clings on to his slot at the top of the pile, while James is a new face here after claiming 10 interceptions last season.

Justin Tucker is Madden 23’s best kicker

  • 1 Justin Tucker (Baltimore Ravens) 90
  • 2 Harrison Butker (Kansas City Chiefs) 94
  • 3 Evan McPherson (Cincinatti Bengals) 83
  • 4 Chris Boswell (Pittsburgh Steeelers) 82
  • 4 Younghoe Hoo (Atlanta Falcons) 82

Evan McPherson’s post-season heroics drove Cincinnati all the way to the Super Bowl, so his ascent to third spot here is much deserved. Younghoe Koo is now a pillar of consistency too. But neither can topple the automatic leg of Ravens robo-boot Justin Tucker.

Commanders find their way onto the list at punter

  • 1 AJ Cole III (Oakland Raiders) 84
  • 2 Bryan Anger (Dallas Cowboys) 83
  • 3 Johnny Hekker (Carolina Panthers) 82
  • 3 Michael Dickson (Seattle Seahawks) 82
  • 3 Tress Way (Washington Commanders) 82

Washington Commanders save their first ever appearance on this list for the very final entry, with Tress Way edging Logan Cooke (Jacksonville Jaguars, 81) and Jake Bailey (New England Patriots, 80) out of contention. It means both the Jags and Pats miss out on this feature completely.

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Madden 23 ratings with the top five players at every position (2024)
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