Saginaw Jail Inmate Search - Inmate Lookup (2024)

Saginaw Jail is a high security City Jail located in city of Saginaw, Saginaw County, Michigan. It houses adult inmates (18+ age) who have been convicted for their crimes which come under Michigan state law. A large portion of the inmate's serving time in this jail are condemned for the time of over a year and are condemned for wrongdoings which are not kidding in nature. The jail is worked and kept up by City Jail .

Below we have given information about the Saginaw Jail inmate search including contact details, visitation hours, driving directions and mailing information.

Saginaw Jail Inmate Search - Inmate Lookup (1)

Saginaw Jail

Jail Name

Saginaw Jail

Jail Type

City Jail


612 Federal Second Floor, Saginaw, MI, 48607

Contact Number




Zip/Postal Code





Saginaw County

General Visiting and Contacting Information

We provide detailed visiting and contact information for Saginaw Jail. If you are have completed a Saginaw Jail inmate search and have located an inmate, the information on this page will help you to stay in contact. We help you send money to jail, send & receive text messages, and provide the address for in-person visits.

Sending Money

Inmates who are currently imprisoned in Saginaw Jail can receive money into their commissary account via money order, check or cash. Inmate visitors can also deposit money directly into the inmate's account at prison administrative office. Note: When sending the money via money order or check, mention the inmate id and full name on the back of the slip.

Sending a Package / Mail

You can send any mail to the inmates who are imprisoned in Saginaw Jail. Please send the mail or package to the address mentioned below.

Inmate Name,

Inmate ID,

612 Federal Second Floor, Saginaw, MI, 48607

Please make sure the mail or package that you are sending comes under the list of approved items. For further clarification on the allowed items, contact the prison administration directly on 989-759-1229 .

Note: In case you want to send packages, you need to get prior approval from the prison administration. Contact the prison / jail staff for more information.

Phone calls

Inmates can call to any person outside who are on the approved members list between 7:00 AM to 7:30 PM. The cost of the call is beared by the receiver and the call can be of maximum 30 minutes. During rush hours, the calling time is reduced drastically to 10 minutes.

Visitation Rules

You need to get yourself registered in the visitors list before visiting any inmate in the prison. If you are visiting someone in Saginaw Jail, make sure you are in approved visitors list. Confirm with the prison authorities before coming to visit the inmate.

Listed below are the basic visitation rules which one must adhere to:

  • Visitor must not be a prior felon.
  • Visitor must have a valid government ID.
  • A legal guardian must be accompanied for children below 16 years of age.

Saginaw Jail Inmate Searcher

Fill out the form below and receive a detailed report on an inmate. This includes current and previous arrest records, social media handles, current and previous addresses & phone numbers.

Step 1

Saginaw Jail Inmate Search - Inmate Lookup (2)

Visit the Saginaw Jail inmate search website

Step 2

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Enter the inmate personal informations in the required fields

Step 3

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Click on the 'Submit' button

Saginaw Jail driving directions

You can use the map plotted on the righ to find the driving directions to Saginaw Jail.

General Stats for Michigan

Saginaw Jail Inmate Search - Inmate Lookup (5)


Michigan Total No. of Inmates

Saginaw Jail Inmate Search - Inmate Lookup (6)


Number of people under Probation Supervision

Saginaw Jail Inmate Search - Inmate Lookup (7)


Prison population rate: 100,000 residents

Saginaw Jail Inmate Search - Inmate Lookup (8)


Parole Population

Saginaw Jail Inmate Search - Inmate Lookup (9)


Incarcerated individuals with sentences of 50 years or longer





















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Saginaw Jail Inmate Search - Inmate Lookup (2024)


How do I look up to see if someone is in jail in Michigan? ›

In order to determine if a person is incarcerated in a state correctional facility, you may check the Department of Corrections Offender Tracking Information System ( OTIS ). If the person is located in the Federal Bureau of Prisons ( BOP ), you may check the BOP inmate search.

How do I find someone in Saginaw county jail? ›

To locate an inmate in the detention center, follow these steps:
  1. Access the Inmate Locator: Visit the Saginaw County Jail Inmate Locator to begin your search.
  2. Enter Inmate Details: Input the inmate's last name and first name. ...
  3. Review Search Results: The system will display a list of inmates matching the entered criteria.

Is there an app that tells you when an inmate is released? ›

The VINELink™ Mobile App is the on-the-go version of the Inmate Release Notification System that lets you access vital information from agencies right from your mobile device. The VINELink Mobile App is available for iOS and Android devices and is completely free for users.

How do I find out if someone is in local jail? ›

Finding out if someone is in jail or prison typically involves contacting local law enforcement agencies, checking online inmate databases, or using third-party websites that provide such information.

How do I look up someone's criminal record for free in Michigan? ›

To obtain a Criminal Record Check either contact the Michigan State Police Central Records Division at (517) 241-0606 or go to the Michigan State Police Website at: to obtain information on how to use the Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT).

How do I find recent arrests in Michigan? ›

Michigan arrest records are accessible online through resources provided by Michigan law enforcement agencies and third-party service providers. The ICHAT portal provided by the Michigan State Police can also be used to look up Michigan arrest records online.

How to find out the sentence of someone in jail? ›

If you need an incarcerated person's conviction information, you may contact the court or jurisdiction. If you are unable to locate an Incarcerated Person, please contact the CDCR Identification Unit at (916) 445-6713.

What is the best app to look up inmates? ›

JailBase – Is a widely-used app that allows users to search for inmates in jails and detention centers across the United States. Users can search by name, booking date, or location to find information about inmates, including mugshots, charges, and bond amounts.

What is the free app to text inmates? ›

TextBehind 4+

This reply service is absolutely FREE and UNLIMITED. TextBehind® is a secure nationwide communication service for families, friends and TextPals (pen pals) to consistently stay in touch with their incarcerated loved ones conveniently and affordably.

What is the best free inmate search? ›

The best way to locate information on a federal prisoner for free is to go to the Bureau of Federal Prisons. Then, go to the inmate locator tab. You can search by inmate number or name. A list of results will appear with the inmates' names, ID number, age, sex, race, and release date, or prison location.

How do I locate an inmate in the US? ›

Locate or learn about an inmate

Use the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) inmate locator to find out when a prisoner is or was expected to be released. To learn more details about an inmate, find out how to submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to BOP.

Where can I view local mugshots for free? ›

Visit your state's department of corrections website.

Every state in the U.S. should have a website, and you can use the inmate locator to find information about the prisoner. Some states will also publish mugshots. Type “your state” and “department of corrections” into your favorite web browser.

Are search warrants public record in Michigan? ›

(9) On the fifty-sixth day following the issuance of a search warrant, the search warrant affidavit contained in any court file or court record retention system is public information unless, before the fifty-sixth day after the search warrant is issued, a peace officer or prosecuting attorney obtains a suppression ...

How do you see who has been in jail? ›

For state and local prison records, contact the state's department of corrections.

What is the new MobilePatrol app? ›

About this app. MobilePatrol connects you to important safety information, news, and critical alerts for places you care about.

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